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Birdsong teas are especially crafted for a sweet profile, providing a smooth, delicious experience.

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Every Birdsong tea blend is inherently smooth, offering a naturally sweet profile, enjoyable with or without sugar.


Our organic commitment means sourcing tea leaves from partners who avoid harsh pesticides, preserving the natural taste.


Our sachets and tea bags are made from compostable non-GMO corn starch, ensuring no microplastics in your brew.

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Discover the world of organic tea with Birdsong's Monthly Tea Club. Enjoy handpicked, sustainably sourced teas personalized to your taste and delivered fresh to your door every month.

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Customers Love Birdsong Teas!

Over 95% of our reviews are 5 stars!

Summer in a Cup!


Where to start? Right when I opened my packaging, the aroma was so robust I couldn’t wait! So far I have only tried it hot & am looking forward to trying it iced! Absolutely delicious! If you love an herbal tea with a hint of berries and citrus, this is a must!

Ester P.

Product: Hoopoe Superfruit

Incredible aroma, aptly named


Creamy pretty much sums this tea up. It was so deliciously fragrant upon opening the canister that I had to try it immediately. After brewing, I wasn't sorry. The tea is absolutely rich and luscious, and yes, with a hint of cream. I almost didn't add milk (but I did).

Dyuti S.

Product: Blackcap Earl Grey

Great Fruit Flavor And Smooth Blend


This tea has a really nice and pleasant smell when brewing and is equally as tasty. I drank it hot, but I can easily see this being a great option when iced too.

Richard T.

Product:Β Berry Babbler


Choose a better tomorrow with Birdsong. Our tea bags and packaging are made with sustainability in mind, using compostable materials and non-GMO sugar cane fiber to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment.

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