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Discover a world of flavor with our organic tea of the month club.

How it Works

We Curate The
World’s BestΒ Tea

A tea of the month club that curates amazing single origin teas and blends from around the world. India, Sri Lanka, China, & beyond!

Delivered To Your Door

Each month features 2 unique teas with a postcard highlighting the teas' origins, tasting notes, and more. Discover a journey in every sip.

A World OfAmazing Flavors

We send you amazing teas you won’t find anywhere else. Every month a new journey and delicious flavors to explore with your cup of tea.

Customers Love Birdsong!

Join hundreds of customers who love Birdsong teas. Over 95% 5-star reviews!

Summer in a Cup!


Where to start? Right when I opened my packaging, the aroma was so robust I couldn’t wait! So far I have only tried it hot & am looking forward to trying it iced! Absolutely delicious! If you love an herbal tea with a hint of berries and citrus, this is a must!

- Esther P.

Orange Sugarbird Iced Tea


On warm days, I crave iced tea. I have busy work days so I make the tea the night before, then in the morning I put it in my to-go container with ice and yum! The Orange Sugarbird is a nice blend that doesn't need anything added to it.

Kim L.

Incredible Aroma, Aptly Named


Creamy pretty much sums this tea up. It was so deliciously fragrant upon opening the canister that I had to try it immediately. After brewing, I wasn't sorry. The tea is absolutely rich and luscious, and yes, with a hint of cream. I almost didn't add milk (but I did).

- Dyuti S.

Great Fruit Flavor and Smooth Blend


This tea has a really nice and pleasant smell when brewing and is equally as tasty. I drank it hot, but I can easily see this being a great option when iced too.

- Richard T.

"Hands down the best organic tea subscription box of 2023!"


Each month, discover wonderful new tea blends from all around the world

Each Box Includes:

A curation of the world's best tasting tea
Tasting notes and tea history for each tea
Free sample of the month with every box
Free shipping to anywhere in the USA
Tea Match Guarantee: Love the tea or we send a new one in your next order

Crafted for Smoothness

Birdsong teas are crafted for smoothness, giving each of our blends a sweet profile. This means that whether you add sugar or not, we guarantee a delicious experience.

No Bitterness

We select tea leaves with lower astringency and bitterness, such as those harvested in the spring or from younger plants.

No Chemicals

We source organic tea leaves exclusively from partners that do not use harsh pesticides, preventing a bitter aftertaste.

Master Blended

Our tea masters carefully select high-quality ingredients to blend, creating a smooth and well-balanced flavor profile.


Your monthly subscription includes the following

Up to 30 servings

Savor the delight of up to 30 cups of tea with each monthly box.

Member-Only Offers

Discover unbeatable savings with our exclusive member offers.

Free Samples

Along with your box selection, you will also receive the sample of the month.

Free Shipping

Get free shipping on every monthly shipment

Choose from the following amazing subscription boxes

World Wanderers Tea Box

A journey around the world

Our box is more than just a tea subscription – it's a carefully curated exploration of cultures and tastes. We bring you an assortment of black, green, white, oolong, and herbal teas, each telling the story of its origin.

$7.95 for the first month

then $14.95 every 4 weeks

Includes 2 organic teas, a sample of the month, and free shipping.

Examples: Golden Assam, Peacock Chai, Blackcap Creamy Grey

Black Tea Tapestry Box

Where tradition meets modern flair

Our selection blends the best of three worlds - the timeless grace of classic black teas and dark oolongs, the playful notes of flavored blends, and the bold, spiced warmth of black chai teas.

$14.95 every 4 weeks

Zen Garden Tea Box

A medley of nature's finest green and white teas

This unique collection brings together the fresh, invigorating qualities of green teas, the gentle, nuanced flavors of exotic white teas, and a bundle of vibrant flavors.

$14.95 every 4 weeks

Herbal Harmony Box

A symphony of natural goodness

A curated collection of gentle, soothing, and rejuvenating herbal teas. Perfect for those seeking a caffeine-free alternative without compromising on flavor.

$14.95 every 4 weeks