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Embrace the majestic flavours, sip the essence of Peacock Chai!


Top of tea plant

We harvest from the top of tea plants, providing unmatched freshness and superior quality in every cup.


Our selection boasts the most flavorful teas, offering a vibrant, distinct taste sensation in each sip.

Low astringency

With a focus on low-astringency, our teas present a mild, smooth flavor that's gentle on the palate.

Organic flavored

We use organic flavorings exclusively, promoting a natural, pure taste and environmentally-conscious choices.

Find Your Tranquility with
Peacock Chai

As life's pace quickens, finding moments of tranquility can be challenging. Amid the hustle, remember you deserve rest and blissful escape. Experience Peacock Chai, a blend by Birdsong Tea, your personal retreat from the rush. Each sip is an indulgence, a gateway to peace, a moment that's entirely yours. Ready to embrace the tranquility you richly deserve?


Purely Organic Ingredients

Black tea






Black pepper

Sip the Serenity

Embark on an exquisite sensory journey with Peacock Chai's captivating fusion of flavors. Surrender to the luxurious scent that envelops you, each sip melting away the stress, unfolding a tapestry of vibrant ginger, cinnamon kick, and the comforting warmth of fennel and cardamom. Peacock Chai isn't merely a tea; it's your well-deserved passport to tranquility. Ready for an enchanting escape?

Peacock Chai

Journey into the heart of Peacock Chai, a luxuriously aromatic tapestry woven with black tea, cinnamon, ginger, fennel, cardamom pods, cloves, cardamom seeds, and black pepper. Feel the energetic pulse of ginger and cinnamon as they awaken your senses, dancing with the tranquil whispers of fennel and cardamom. This exquisite symphony of spice and sweetness is more than a tea—it's an invitation to a moment of relaxation and bliss, a sip of contentment in the bustle of everyday life. Are you ready for the journey?

Peacock Chai
Peacock Chai
Peacock Chai
Peacock Chai
Peacock Chai - Birdsong Tea
Peacock Chai
Peacock Chai
Peacock Chai
Peacock Chai
Peacock Chai
Peacock Chai
Peacock Chai - Birdsong Tea
Peacock Chai
Peacock Chai

Peacock Chai

Premium Assam Black Tea with Chai Spices


Peacock Chai:
Your Perfect Cup Simplified
Let's Brew it!

Take a pinch of Peacock Chai tea leaves and drop them into your teapot or tea infuser.

Boil a cup of water at 212° F for 3 to 5 minutes if drinking plain and pour it over the tea leaves.

If you will be adding milk and sugar, infuse for 5 to 7 minutes. 

For multiple infusions, reinfuse at the same temperature and double the infusion time.

Infusing Joy: Our Customers Speak

i recently tried the Peacock Chai and it was a delightful experience. The blend of aromatic spices and quality tea leaves were rich and flavorful. I added some milk and honey and it really brought out the flavors. I highly recommend this tea for anyone looking for a chai with a zesty tone.

Deepak S.

Was hesitant to try new tea flavors, but after one sip of Peacock Chai, I was truly impressed. The flavor and the freshness you can taste in every sip.


The Birdsong Peacock Chai is an experience! First the fragrance and visuals of the individual tea leaves mixed with the cardamom pods lets you instantly know this is a high quality tea. Then with the first sip, the flavor hits rich, warm and almost a bit earthy. The balance of flavor and rich warm is amazing, I highly suggest this tea for those who love Chai!

Nima S.

With or without milk it’s very flavorful and robust.

Fatima R.

Perfect blend of spices that touches every node of your mouth and give you a sensational aromatic flavor. This is my favorite tea from all because I love all the spices . Soothing flavor of fennel , cardamom and ginger . It’s a good choice of morning tea to keep you energized all day. Everyone should try for sure .

Jasnit K.

I’m a coffee drinker but thought I’d try this and Wow …….What a great experience! So much spicy cinnamon flavors & robust floral notes. A great way to recharge in the afternoon! I’ll be ordering more.

Derek B.