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Blushing Bestsellers Tea Collection

The Blushing Bestsellers Tea Collection contains our most popular tea blends, artfully crafted to provide a unique and flavorful experience. This collection will surely become a staple of your tea-drinking routine, featuring tantalizingly smooth and rich tastes. The collection includes:

The teas are beautifully presented in elegant rose gold round tins, which are further nestled in a matching rose gold box. This exquisite packaging makes it a ready-to-gift treasure for tea enthusiasts and loved ones alike.

Net weight: 10.8 oz (305 g) - approx. 120 servings

Sale price$74.00
Blushing Bestsellers Tea Collection
Blushing Bestsellers Tea Collection Sale price$74.00

Crafted for Smoothness

Birdsong teas are crafted for smoothness, giving each of our blends a sweet profile. This means that whether you add sugar or not, we guarantee a delicious experience.

No bitterness

We select tea leaves with lower astringency and bitterness, such as those harvested in the spring or from younger plants.

No chemicals

We source organic tea leaves exclusively from partners that do not use harsh pesticides, preventing a bitter aftertaste.

Master Blended

Our tea masters carefully select high-quality ingredients to blend, creating a smooth and well-balanced flavor profile.

Customer Reviews

The Birdsong Story

Birdsong was created from love, resilience, and unity, as Mandeep and Bhavika transformed their family’s challenging journey with cancer into a mission to unite people through the shared experience of tea.